Can I change payment method of the order?
Unfortunately, the payment method in the order cannot be changed.
Do you provide credit application form or a NET-30 Days Payment Account?
Unfortunately no.
How do I get tax exemption for my Renogy account?
Please submit a case to us with your Renogy account information and tax exemption certification, so we can audit and contact you for any further update.
Do you provide itemized receipts?
We are happy to provide an itemized receipt. Contact our Customer Service department, and we itemize your receipt and email it to you.
Can I pay in installments?
You can find the "affirm Pay over time" payment option on the checkout page after adding items into shopping cart. installment-pay.jpg
Why did the payment failure occur?
Please try the following methods to resolve the issue:
  1. Clear the browsing history of your current web browser or try another one.
  2. Switch between a mobile or PC device to place your order and make a payment.
  3. Verify that you have entered accurate payment information or try using a different payment method.
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