System Checklist

The best part of dropping off the grid is being miles away from everything. But when you’re toting a camper or pulling a trailer, having a cozy night in under soft reading lights is the cherry on top. You don’t need to hire a professional to install a pro-quality solar energy system. Use our checklist to ensure you’re planning for every step of solar installation. From the panel itself to the controller, battery, and inverter, find everything you need to light up your great escape.

DIY Solar: Powering Adventures Great and Small

From the simplest weekend getaway to your dream cabin in the woods, we create DIY solar panel kits that light up your great escape. No matter if you're in the mood lighting a cozy camper or powering up an off-grid home, our easy-to-install solar panel kits are high powered, durable, and can outlast weather even you’d rather not be caught in it.

Starter Kits

Kits designed with everything you need to start your solar adventure!

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Premium Kits

Kits Designed with our most efficent components to get the most out of the sun!

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Kits designed specifically for motorhome RVs to keep you mobile!

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Kits designed specifically for autonomous use away from the grid!

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