What could be the reason for receiving only a partial shipment of the product?
For partial product and bundle shipments, we may distribute them separately. Please wait patiently for a while. If you are concerned, you can also contact our customer service to inquire about the relevant logistics information.
When can I expect to receive my product?
After the product is shipped, it typically takes 3-7 business days for delivery, varying based on the customer's address. We kindly advise you to remain patient and allow a bit more time for the package to arrive.
Why has my product not been shipped yet after placing the order?
Our standard procedure is to ship orders within 3 business days of the customer's purchase. If you experience a longer waiting time, we kindly ask for your patience. Alternatively, you can directly contact our customer service for further assistance and inquiries.
Where can I check the tracking number?
If you do have a Renogy account, please refer to this link https://service.renogy.com/order to log into it to further check "View Order" part for tracking number information. If you do not have a Renogy account, please contact Renogy Support Team for more details about tracking information.
Why is there no update in the logistics tracking information?
Normally, you can expect the tracking update within 24-72 hours. For any unusual circumstances, please contact Renogy Support Team for further assistance.
What should I do if there are missing items in my order?
If you believe there are missing items in your order, we recommend the following steps:
  • Patience: Sometimes, orders are shipped in multiple batches, and the missing items may arrive separately. It is advisable to wait for a reasonable period to allow for any delayed shipments.
  • Check with Others: If your tracking status shows "Delivered" but you have not received the package, inquire with family members or neighbors to see if they accepted the delivery on your behalf.
  • Contact Local Authorities: In the event that the product is genuinely missing and you have exhausted other options, consider contacting your local authorities to report the missing package. They can provide further assistance in locating the lost package.
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