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REGO 12V 400Ah Cold Weather LiFePO4 Battery

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REGO 12V 400Ah Cold Weather LiFePO4 Battery

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REGO 12V 400Ah Cold Weather LiFePO4 Battery
REGO 12V 400Ah Cold Weather LiFePO4 Battery
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REGO 12V 400Ah Cold Weather LiFePO4 Battery
Start group buy • $168.99 $235.99

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-5.12kWh ultra-high capacity.
-Self-heating for safer charging in low temperatures.
-62 BMS protections for all-round safety.
-Vibration-resistant with aluminum casing.
-6000 cycles ensure lasting performance.
Power Anything with Ultra-High Capacity
Up to 8 batteries can be connected in parallel, offering a total capacity of up to 40kWh.
Plug&Play Parallel Cable
Use the easiest way to connect the battery to the REGO system
Intellgent Self-Heating Function

Optimal performance in both low and high temperatures.

Discharge Temperature-4°F to 131°F / -4°F - 131°F.

IP65 Waterproof Design
Applicable to more scenarios, such as yacht, marine and outdoor, etc.
Monitor Your REGO With APP
Bluetooth equipped for easy and convenient monitoring from your smart phone.
Save Over 30% Installation Footprint and Cut 6 Cables
Replace four 12V 100A batteries with one REGO 12V 400A, unlocking 5.12kWh of storage, saving 30% on installation space, and eliminating 6 cables. Streamlined, powerful, efficient.
Advanced Cells for Maximum Battery Life
Lighter weight, larger capacity battery cells provide less internal resistance and improved charge balance.
New Generation Smart BMS
Innovative smart BMS ensures absolute reliability and safety of the battery.
REGO All-In-One Power System
Highly integrated system provide your off-grid life maximum energy and comprehensive protection
Power Anything with Ultra-High Capacity
Power Anything with Ultra-High Capacity

Package Includes

12V 400Ah REGO Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

12V 400Ah REGO Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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1.Does it come with Anderson cable? What is the size of the Anderson connector?

Rego batteries doesn't come with an Anderson cable. And the connector is Gray Anderson 350 connector (with dust cover).

2.How can I activate or put the battery into shelf mode?

The battery is shipped in shelf mode. The battery can be activated by pressing and holding the battery button for 1 second, and the battery can be put into shelf mode by pressing and holding the battery button for 3 seconds.

3.How long will the battery last?

Our battery is capable of 6000 cycles of perfect charge and discharge. If you live a completely off-grid life, calculated at the rate of a full charge and discharge per day, you will be able to use it for more than 10 years.

4.Can you recommend a solar charge controller for this battery?

When purchasing a solar charge controller, you must confirm that the controller is compatible with the lithium-iron phosphate battery. The Renogy Adventurer, Rover, Wanderer, and Rego charge controllers are all fully compatible with our lithium-iron phosphate batteries. We recommend that you use the Rego controller for a perfect fit of communication and wiring.

5.Can this battery be combined with a 12V lead acid battery bank?

No, you can't. All the batteries you connect together should be the same capacity (Ah), the same voltage (V), and most importantly, the same battery type (LFP). And it would be better if they come from the same brand.

6.Can I connect multiple batteries in series to build a 24V, 36V, or 48V system?

No, you can't. These Renogy lithium batteries do NOT support connecting in series. They are made ONLY for connecting in parallel using identical batteries with the same type (lithium), same capacity (Ah), same voltage (V), and same brand (Renogy).

7.Can I leave this battery in cold weather? I live in my van and this battery will be in the cold. I was wondering if the cold will affect it.

This Rego battery has a self-heating function. The operating temperature for discharging is -4°F to 140°F / -20°C to 60°C. The operating temperature range for charging is -4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C.

8.How many batteries can I connect at most?

We recommend a maximum of 8 batteries in parallel.

9.What kind of communication does this battery support? Bluetooth or CAN communication?

The Rego battery has built-in Bluetooth and also has CAN communication ports. It supports both Bluetooth communication and CAN (RV-C) communication.

10.When does the battery's self-heating function work?

The battery has a built-in heater. When the battery temperature drops below 41°F (5°C), and the charge current is stable and greater than 15A, the heater starts operating automatically, and the Heater Status Indicator lights up green.
More questions about your off-grid power system? Learn more from Renogy Learning Center!
Renogy REGO 12V 400Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Rego 12V 400AH lithium battery
Renogy Smart Li Battery 24V 50Ah

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  • 4
    Well Constructed

    Posted by William Ebina on Feb 7th 2024

    400ah of battery in more compact package. It is large though, make sure you check the specs!!! Didn't realize it was so big, but it is very well constructed!!! One negative though is the bluetooth is crap, has a distance of about 8-10 ft then loses contact with the Phone App after I move away from where it is located. Sometimes it will connect to the Renogy One, located approx 9-10ft from the battery, sometimes it won't!!! Very inconsistent!!!

  • 4

    Posted by Sarah Anderson on Dec 26th 2023

    Fit the limited space in my rv solar project,everything went smoothly and we are very pleased with the power accessible.

  • 5
    So far so good

    Posted by Ashley Brown on Dec 26th 2023

    Batteries came well packaged and arrived on time.So far so good.

  • 5
    Fantastic easy to charge and hook up!

    Posted by Christopher Wilson on Dec 21st 2023

    Fantastic easy to charge and hook up!

  • 4

    Posted by Ryan Foster on Dec 14th 2023

    Purchased 2, and both together are lighter than my current AGM battery. Size wise, also big improvement.

  • 4
    It is great.

    Posted by Lauren Thomas on Nov 30th 2023

    I use for my solar system. It is great.

  • 4
    Battery Connector

    Posted by Chris Paulsen on Oct 2nd 2023

    The Rego battery uses one half of an Anderson connector. To connect you a system the other half of an Anderson connector must be purchased as most of us do not have Anderson connectors in our systems. Other batteries have simple bolt on connectors with no added cost.

  • 5
    REGO is good

    Posted by oskdhfg on Aug 8th 2023

    What attracts me to this battery is that it has 5 degrees of power, enough to run my air conditioner on a daily basis. And the space is reduced by 30%. As of now, I love it.

  • 5
    REGO is fabalous

    Posted by eden3313 on Aug 8th 2023

    I bought high-capacity solar panels, so I needed a battery that didn't take up too much space, and the REGO fit the bill!