Do I need a charge controller if I buy a portable power station?
Usually, portable power stations come with built-in charge controllers, so there is no need for additional pairing with a controller. You can inquire about the specific details from the brand of the power station. Renogy's power stations all come with built-in controllers.
I need a 200W suitcase solar panel with controller that will plug into the connector built into the side of my RV. What should I do?
If the built-in port is called a ZAMP port/SAE plug, you need to purchase the SAE to MC4 solar adaptor to connect the 200W solar suitcase to the port. Please note that the port should not be connected to a built-in charge controller.
What are the compatible products to the BT-2 Bluetooth Module?
The compatible products are Renogy Rover Elite Charge Controllers (20A/40A), Rover Li 60A Charge Controller, Rover Li 100A Charge Controller, DC-to-DC Battery Chargers with MPPT, Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Power Saving Mode, 48V 3500W Solar Inverter-Charger, Renogy 100ah Smart Lithium battery, 100ah Smart Lithium battery with self-heating, and the Renogy 48V 50ah Smart Lithium battery.
Is the Wanderer 10A or Li 30A compatible with an AGM battery?
Both the Wanderer 10A and Li 30A charge controllers are compatible with AGM batteries. Customers can choose SLD/Sealed as the battery type.
Are Renogy inverters compatible with Lithium batteries?
All Renogy Pure Sine Wave Inverters are compatible with lithium batteries. For details, refer to the user manual of the specific inverter.
Do you have 24V inverters?
Currently, the inverters we have for sale in the U.S. do not come in a 24V version.
Are Renogy charge controllers compatible with lithium batteries?
All Renogy charge controllers are compatible with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4) batteries. For details, refer to the user manual of the specific charge controller.
What monitoring screen can I use for the Renogy 200Ah Lithium Core battery?
We recommend using the Renogy 500A Battery Monitor.
What is the difference between a smart Lithium iron battery and a regular one?
The difference between smart lithium batteries and regular lithium batteries is that smart lithium batteries have communication capabilities, which can support Bluetooth communication or CAN communication.
Are Renogy solar panels suitable for 12V/24V/48V systems?
Our solar panels are suitable for 12V systems, 24V systems, 36V systems, and 48V systems.
Can your batteries be used as starter batteries?
Renogy's batteries are all deep-cycle batteries and cannot be used as starter batteries.
What devices are compatible with Renogy ONE Core?
Renogy ONE Core works seamlessly with Renogy power supply devices and smart accessories via an in-built Bluetooth module, an external BT-1 Bluetooth module, an external BT-2 Bluetooth module, RS-485 wire, or Zigbee. For details, refer to the table below:


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