Why the same product is priced differently on other platforms?
Our distributors on various e-commerce platforms may offer different prices due to bulk purchasing discounts. This is in line with market dynamics. Additionally, promotions are available on different platforms, including our official website.
For the latest promotion details, please visit www.renogy.com and subscribe to our newsletter.
Why are there price variations for the same product on different platforms?
Some of the e-commerce site is collaborating with Renogy and sell as our distributors, as we all know bulk purchase has bigger discount. Therefore, their selling price might be lower compared to the retail price on the official website, which is very much in line with the laws of the market. In addition, different sites will have promotions on different occasions, our official site have promotions as well. If you are interested, please go our official website: www.renogy.com, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest promotion details. In addition, you can rest assured that no matter where you made your purchase, as long as it's made by Renogy, the quality of the product is consistent, there will be no deviation! We proud ourselves for the product and service we provide and we stand behind every single one of them.
Is it possible to know the promotion schedule in advance?
You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom left corner of the Renogy official website to receive exclusive offers, original stories, events, and more.
Why should I buy from the official site, even if it is more expensive?
There are several good reasons to consider purchasing from our official site, despite the higher price:
  1. Efficient After-Sales Service: We can quickly locate your order and warranty in our system, streamlining the support process. Buying from other platforms may require warranty validation via an invoice.
  2. Membership Benefits: Our website offers a membership program with perks like redeemable points, product discounts, and additional benefits. Learn more here and here.
  3. Exclusive Products: Access to unique products, such as the Lycan 5000 Power Box. Ultimately, the choice is yours. While price is important, we believe the advantages of buying from our official site enhance your overall experience with Renogy products, ensuring satisfaction.
How can I claim the available discounts?
For New Users:
  1. Register on the Renogy official website or DC Home APP.
  2. Upon registration, you will receive a 5% discount coupon.
  3. Log in to your Renogy member account.
  4. Go to the personal center to view and access your discount coupon.
For Existing Users: 
  1. Visit the Renogy official website.
  2. Place your order for the desired product(s).
  3. Check the product details page or the event page for coupon code information related to your order. If a product offers a coupon code, you can use it during the order process to enjoy a discounted price.
How to Use the Coupon:
  1. When you are ready to place your order, proceed to the checkout page.
  2. Look for the 'Coupon/Gift Certificate' section on the checkout page.
  3. Enter the coupon code you have in the designated field. The system will automatically calculate and apply the discount amount to your order.
Are there any discounts tailored for particular groups?
Yes, Renogy provides a 7% discount tailored for specific groups, including military personnel, students, and teachers. To avail of this discount, you can provide the relevant documentation as proof to the Renogy Support Team. Once verified, they will provide you with the necessary coupon code to apply the discount to your purchase.
Can you provide a quotation?
You can call our pre-sales hotline at 1(909)2877111 (U.S. Service Hotline) or submit a case to inquire about the quotation.
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