What are the reasons for order failures?
Please try the following methods to resolve the issue:
  1. Clear the browsing history of your current web browser or try another one.
  2. You can attempt to switch between a mobile or PC device to place your order and make a payment.
Can the products in a solar kit be adjusted?
Renogy does not support adjusting individual products within a kit, as it would affect the pricing of the kit. If you are interested in other individual products, you can place separate orders for them. If you have bulk purchase requirements, please contact our Renogy support team.
I want to cancel my order, and what should I do?
DON'T WORRY! You can cancel orders as long as we haven't started the shipping process.
  • If you've placed an order while you're logged in to our website, you can directly cancel the order from “Your Account > Order” within 30 minutes after the order is placed.
  • If you placed an order as a visitor without logging in to our website, submit a case to seek for help from our customer service team.
  • If it is too late to cancel your order, you may return any unwanted items in accordance with our return policy.
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