Can I use more than one coupon code in my order?
Unfortunately no. Perhaps you can leave one coupon code for your future potential order.
Where can I check for coupon information?
You can easily check for coupon information on the Renogy official website or the DC Home APP using the following steps:
    1. Log in to your member account on the Renogy official website.
    2. Navigate to the personal center section.
    3. Click on 'COUPONS' and 'Wallet' below your profile picture.
    4. This will display the coupons you currently have.
    1. Log in to your member account within the DC Home APP.
    2. Tap 'ME' located in the bottom right corner to access your personal center.
    3. Inside the personal center, tap 'COUPONS.'
    4. Here, you can view the coupons you currently have.
Why can't the coupon be used?
The coupon must be used in accordance with the usage rules specified on the coupon (as shown below), and each coupon may have different rules:
  1. Minimum order amount must be met for the coupon.
  2. The coupon must be applicable to the products and markets for the purchase.
  3. The coupon must be used within its validity period.



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